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“In this show (Brought Up As Rabbit), Yadav moves away from earlier didactic works, although the playfullness of his style remains evident. As always, each work is layered with meanings that need to be explored and unraveled by the viewer. ... Yadav’s work is quirky nad engaging; viewers are made a part of the exhibit, intimidated and confused. Yet they leave the show with the satisfaction of having encountered art that is hard to forget.”

– Editors, Brought Up As Rabbit,, Aug 14 2013  


“A sinister merging of the animal and machine can be seen in Mumbai-based Narendra Yadav’s work. This adman-turned-artist is having a solo at the Gallery Maskara in Mumbai, titled “Memory Minus Me”. A catchy sculpture is of a blue fibre-glass dog minus its head, with an arm carrying a camcorder protruding out of its collar...”

- Georgina Maddox, Where the Wild Things Are, The Indian Express, Delhi, April 18 2010


“ ... Memory Minus Me, A nine-piece show of remarkable tech-wizardry, clever interactive possibilities, and sometimes sheer genius. ... At the heart of the artist's fantastic solo is an innate sadness of how mortality and the fear of death itself, are majestic catalysts that instigates our desire to record, to keep in mind, to (re)store images that comprise an idea of you.”

- Vishwas Kulkarni, Past, Perfect, Mumbai Mirror, April 20 2010


“Yadav’s works are highly conceptual and adhere closely to the notion that art should not be an object but an experience...most of the installations use a poetic language...”

- Anjuly Mathai, Mind Games, The Indian Express Mumbai Newsline, April 23 2010


“Whether it’s the communication of thoughts, ideas, or social themes, Yadav manages to do it effectively through his interactive installations”

- Nikita Jain, Eclectic Leanings, India Today: Simply Mumbai, March 13 2009

“The striking quality of Yadav’s artistry is a refusal to stick to forms that make up a series... Each of these nine works stand out with their singularity of shape. The only common thing in these works is 

the material, which is steel (except one where he uses wood). The frosty whiteness of steel perfectly complements Yadav’s works driven by hard intellect.
Yadav depends a lot on technical precision for the exact effect he wants each work to have on the viewer. Measurements, shadows, lighting and angles are meticulously in order. If you are a collector of works that reflect the artist’s emotions and intuition rather than his ideas and technique, these works are not yours to own. But in the still nascent world of Indian installation art, Yadav is an artist likely to contribute a great deal in the years to come.”

- Sanjukta Sharma, A Pavlovian World, LiveMint- Lounge, March 2 2009

“Narendra Yadav’s first solo Labour (2006) was enchanting...the execution of Yadav’s technologically sophisticated works is commendable...”

– Editors, Oh God..., Sunday Mid-Day, March 1 2009


“[Narendra Yadav’s] Chicken Pox is witty, silly and brilliant: two hearts...keep rotating in a shiny, silver barbeque grill, the organs connected by tubes with blood-like fluid flowing inside them. The artist is trying to depict a condition that happens ‘once in a lifetime’, a coincidence much like love itself...”

- Vishwas Kulkarni, In the Realm of the Senses, Mumbai Mirror, Sept 27 2008


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